Soy Candles Wax Melts Assorted Scents


Looking for a quick and easy way to make your home or office smell amazing?

Check out our soy wax melts!100 percent soy wax melts

Plus, they come in a variety of scents, so you can find the perfect one for your space.

Whether you use them in an electric melt warmer, pluggable melt warmer, or tealight burner, you’ll love the way our soy wax melts make your room smell!

These wax soy melts will burn for over 60 hours with a strong scent that will waft all over your room.

The difficult part will be what scent to choose .

With over 40 different scents to choose from

You may need to keep a box of assorted to suit your mood .

Breathe essential oil candle is a candle that will crispen up the air with its peppermint overtones .

Whereas Baby Blossom will lighten the mood of your home.

100 percent soy wax melts

How to use:

  1. Trim the wick to around 6 - 8mm before use with a pair of scissors or a candle wick trimmer.
  2. If the wick is cut too short, you may notice the wax doesn't burn to the edge, this is known as tunneling.
  3. If the wick is too long, you may notice the burn results in black soot starting to form on the candle.
  4. We recommend sitting the candle in an area without excessive wind or draughts.
  5. For safety, ensure the candle can't be reached by small children, animals or any flammable material.
  6. Burn for between one hour to four hours each time to maximise the longevity of the candle.

Additional information:


Ambered Sandalwood, Baby Blossom, Breathe EssentialLy, Burnt Fig & Cassis, Burnt Fig and Cassis, Bushwalk, Christmas Bush, Coconut and Lime, Coconut Peach, Crystal Coast, Gardenia, Gypsy Magic, Lime Basil Kumquat, Lime Basil Kyumquat, Lotus Flower, Mandarin and Mimosa, Moonlight Musk, Pineapple Crush, Summer Wattle, Sweet Lemongrass, Vanilla and Sweet Pea, Vanilla Coco, White Tea & Jasmine, Apple Pie, Banana Bread, Bubblegum, Candy Cane, Christmas Cocktail, Christmas Pudding, Christmas Tree, French Pear, Ginger Ale, Hot Coffee, Musk Sticks, Poached Pear, Salted Caramel Ice-cream

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