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This candle is our homage to a hot apple pie baked fresh with apples picked from local growers in Bilpin.

Combining the beautiful aromas of cinnamon, sweet tangy apples, baked bread, and smooth vanilla, topped with notes of brown sugar.

Freshly baked apples, a nice hot crunchy crust and some brown sugar sweetness.

It’s the perfect way to bring the family feel of freshly baked apple pie into your home – and one of our most popular candles.

Hot Applie Pie Candle

How to use:

  1. Trim the wick to around 6 - 8mm before use with a pair of scissors or a candle wick trimmer.
  2. If the wick is cut too short, you may notice the wax doesn't burn to the edge, this is known as tunneling.
  3. If the wick is too long, you may notice the burn results in black soot starting to form on the candle.
  4. We recommend sitting the candle in an area without excessive wind or draughts.
  5. For safety, ensure the candle can't be reached by small children, animals or any flammable material.
  6. Burn for between one hour to four hours each time to maximise the longevity of the candle.

Additional information:

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 12 cm

100% Natural Soy Candle, 60 hour burn time, Cruelty Free & Vegan, Hand made in Australia, Lead-free Cotton Wick, No Paraffin


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(1 customer review)

1 review for Apple Pie Candle Soy Candle with Free Shipping

  1. Janine

    Wonderful fragrance! Great customer service. Thank you.

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