Fundraising candles

Choose a new way to fundraise with minimal fuss and worry

Are you tired of the sticky fingers, melted chocolate, and limited appeal of traditional fundraising? It’s time to illuminate your next campaign with the warmth and glow of candles!

Why Choose Candles for Fundraising?

  • Unique & Appealing: A wider variety of scents and styles than mass-produced candies. Make your fundraiser stand out!
  • Higher Profit Margins: Earn significantly more profit per candle compared to candy bars, boosting your fundraising potential.
  • Longer Shelf Life: No more worrying about chocolate melting in warm weather. Candles are durable and long-lasting, allowing for flexible sales periods.
  • Perfect Gift Option: Candles are ideal gifts for any occasion, increasing sales potential beyond your immediate circle.
  • Sensory Experience: The aromatic appeal and warm glow of candles create a positive association with your cause, leaving a lasting impression.

How does the fundraising work?

It’s easy! For each candle you sell, you receive a $10 profit for your organisation. Here is how it works:

  1. Hand out the candle order forms to your members
  2. Your members complete the form and send to us
  3. We will pack each order in a gift bag and send it directly to your members
  4. Your organisation will receive an invoice for the total candles ordered, minus your cashback. For example, if 50 candles were ordered, the total of the orders would equal $1500 but your invoice would be $1000, providing you with a $500 profit for your organisation.
Sports team fundraiser

What our customers are saying…

It’s our goal to make you the most beautifully scented 100% natural soy candle that you’ve ever smelt. We do this by using only the best natural ingredients and hand pouring each and every candle ourselves at our Hawkesbury workshop.

My daughter and her hubby received their candle and WOW, they are just blown away by the incredible aroma! It’s like Christmas in a jar!

Christmas Gingerbread Candle

Shipping was sooooo quick. The packaging was amazing and cut, very protective and the best part…it smells incredible, exactly what I wanted.

Banana Bread Candle

Very fast delivery. The kraft packaging is really nice and the smell is lovely and strong. Will definitely purchase from this seller again.

Crystal Coast Candle

I love everything about this candle! The beautiful fragrance that delicately filled my home. Can’t wait to buy more from this small business.

Christmas Candy Cane Candle

These candles are glorious and the seller is so very lovely and helpful making for a wonderful shopping experience. Thanks so much for everything.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream Candle

I searched far and wide for a wattle candle that actually smells like wattle! I took a chance on this one and I’m glad I did, smells amazing!

Summer Wattle Candle