Musk Stick Scented Soy Candle Cafe Range


19 in stock

19 in stock

New to Cafe Range is the undeniable old-time favourite of musk stick lollies

Lovely and sweet, let your whole house smell like a candy shop

Contains a white frosted jar with wooden lid ,lead free wick, 100% soy wax packaged in a recycled Kraft gift box .

How to use:

  1. Trim the wick to around 6 - 8mm before use with a pair of scissors or a candle wick trimmer.
  2. If the wick is cut too short, you may notice the wax doesn't burn to the edge, this is known as tunneling.
  3. If the wick is too long, you may notice the burn results in black soot starting to form on the candle.
  4. We recommend sitting the candle in an area without excessive wind or draughts.
  5. For safety, ensure the candle can't be reached by small children, animals or any flammable material.
  6. Burn for between one hour to four hours each time to maximise the longevity of the candle.

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